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Black Haven is a 3D Psychological Horror game. The player will take the role of a homeless, starving girl, finding her way into an abandoned amusement park. As the player solves different types of puzzles, the evil truth behind the park gets revealed...

The project started in Oct 2020. Among a team of 12, I designed the Levels, Maps and Mechanics.

Note: If you are stuck between puzzles, please use the full playthrough video as a reference. Thanks!


Miguel Atienza 
Project Lead / Programmer / Voice Actor

Lanry Li
Level Designer / Puzzle Designer / Narrative Designer

Arienne Weaver
Art Director / Programmer / UI Designer

Nicky Du
Level Designer / Mechanics Designer / Map Designer

3D Artists

Miguel Atienza
Lanry Li
Arienne Weaver
Austin Lehouiller
Colby DeWindt
Darius Lawson
Tal Shenholz

Tajinae Turner -- Voice Actor
James Hill -- Perforce Setup / Tech Support
Sai Prapanch -- Play Tester / Quality of Life Consultant
Prof. Jack Mamais -- Overall Guidance

Adobe Mixamo

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AuthorNicky Du
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, clown, cthulhu, Halloween, Horror, scary, Singleplayer


Black Haven for Windows 1 GB