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It is always good to enjoy your game as an interactive piece of art with some snacks and drinks.

I got emotionally invested in this game as soon as I found showing my kind heart to other people will warm my screen. Good design choice there. I would suggest that making the process of getting kindness a little bit harder will be a better approach when players try to interact with the community members. It makes more sense. Also, make the player feel like the happiness value is something they have fought for, it is valuable. which I will talk more about later. 

At the second level, it takes me a good amount of time to find the exit, which is not a bad thing.  It is just interesting to see me acting like an eraser, exploring every pixel hidden behind the mask. Well, the result is a little bit anticlimax, there is no side story or any interaction found.  It is a great opportunity for you to incorporate interactions especially when the player does expect it to happen.  

There is something to think about the push-away mechanic, it doesn't make me feel irritated at all, probably my happiness value is not decreasing accordingly upon touch. I actually spend a great amount of time deliberately try to trigger all those assholes on the street and want to see what's gonna happen. So consider adding some punishing elements on the second level, when a player has invested emotion in this little character,  it feels bad to see what they have built up fade away. Players will dodge, try to keep safe at the same time wishing to explore and leave the place. Btw, there is a kind guy in the middle of the station in lv2 who will recharge my happiness to allow me to spend them for free. 

The third level is a little bit confusing to me. I feel convinced and sympathized to read the floor text in a different order. However, I think without any hint or objectives, only 1% of the player will get the passage you want to say. (Yeah I help you spoiled it)

I feel like there is a lot of potential on this truly "Emotion Shooter" game, a very balanced combination of love and action (ehmm...:). Also, a complete story can be made with a character who is not so special. It will make the story easily accepted and embraced by the public. 

I want to see the iteration. 

Not a conventional shooter. I like it. Spreading peace, love, and harmony, in the beginning, is not something commonly seen in shooters. Usually in a shooter, one shoots to kill. The beginning helps remove the player from any expectations for the later levels. I did not expect it to turn so dark later on in the game which is a good way to subvert expectations.

Such an interesting take on this assignment! I think you were extremely successful in creating a story that emphasizes a very different  array of emotions. The color changing background is so effective in providing a visual mood indicator. Normally when you shoot in games it is to hurt and kill your target, I love how in this game you are simply trying to spread positivity and love. In terms of mechanics, I think they can probably be simplified. Maybe mapping the aim to mouse position instead of QE/arrows would feel more natural. I also got a bit lost in the first level trying to read all the text. Overall a really great experience!

Great game overall- the aiming mechanic is easy play with and the movement feels really smooth.  Great message at the beginning letting the player feel vulnerable and allowing themselves to think this was a nice game. 

 However, the two problems I encountered were that the first time I played, I kinda went out of the bounds of the screen and didn't notice the story on the streets at first, as they're far from each other. Other than that, great game.

Thanks david!!