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-- "My life is a story, and god is the author."

"Does this make an author a god in his own creation?" --

Beyond Me is created based on the theories of meta-narration. The plots will be metafictional, meaning that it will cross through several layers of narrations, with one above another. As the player ascend through layers, the full story will ultimately be revealed.


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All of you did a really great job with this, pushing a lot of the boundaries for this as a game and making something more cohesive than just another game that we've seen thus far. It's a wonderful experience going through each of these systems and getting to understand each of the small stories. If I could make a suggestion, perhaps putting in a small tutorial screen just in case (perhaps in the pause screens to not ruin the flow) would definitely be useful to those who don't play games as often and are looking for this story driven stuff. Great job guys.

This was truly an ambitious project. It was quite the trip. All of you combined your strengths and clashed genres/platforms together to tell a story that maintains it's meaning throughout. My favorite part was definitely chapter 1. Will (I think) worked really hard and I can see he even took a lot of the feedback into consideration.

This game is an incredible experience and very well made. There are too many strong points to name; this game is clearly well thought-out and uniquely creative. 

I think the strongest aspect of your game overall is the seamless use of multiple dimensions. I playtested the first version of this game when it was still 3 separate projects (!!!) and was already impressed by the use of Twine-like UI, to 2D platformer, to a 3D simulation. The transition from the 2D world to the 3D world was also very cool-- as the player, I did not expect that, and was very pleasantly surprised. 

Another favorite part of mine was the UI/interactions in the 2D world. I loved the popups when walking to interactable objects, as well as the sound design for interactions. I kind of wanted a whole game just about the 2D world; it's very polished in design, and has that Pokemon-like nostalgic feel. Also, props to you guys for hard coding all the dialogue in-- it turned out great.

This is a strong game overall, and you guys should definitely look into submitting this to showings/contests/game jams. I don't have much to comment on in terms of improvement, but it would be really cool to see this developed further. Overall, awesome job!!