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Destination is a walking simulator that aims to create a feeling of solitude, somberness, and eventual redemption for the player. You play as a lost soul who is in search of his body. The player begins alone in a dark forest, with the only source of light coming from a mausoleum. Upon entering the building you stumble and fall into the depths of the catacomb, with the only way to get out by continuing to go deeper and deeper. While the narrative is not told directly, we wanted to juxtapose the feelings of being completely alone with a place full of bodies that once lived. It is meant to question human mortality and if one can continue to experience life after death, without the need of a physical form.

Destination was made as a group effort in four weeks for the first project of Core Environments Lab + Studio.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the mouse to look around/move the camera


Production - Nicky Du

Programming - Milena Correa, Changwoo Han

Level Design - Milena Correa, Nicky Du

Concept Art - Milena Correa

3D Art - Changwoo Han

Lighting - Changwoo Han, Nicky Du


My Destination.zip 214 MB


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Not bad at all, Loved the atmosphere.

Appreciate it man!

What happens when you get towards the water? It was nice exploring thingsaround the cave system
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